The Pogoni, with the participation of the Italian municipalities of Calimera, Sternatia & Zollino implements the Act entitled «POLYPHONIC SONG: A CHANNEL TO NETWORKING AND DISTINCTION OF COMMON CULTURAL CHARACTERISTICS IN THE AREAS OF POGONI AND GRECIA SALENTINA». The Act is being implemented under the European territorial cooperation Programme Greece-Italy 2007 – 2013. The rich cultural heritage of Intervention Areas are pervasive and evident in the musical tradition of their inhabitants. In particular, the area of Grecia Salentina in Apoulia bring unique Greek features and hence the traditions, culture and her songs have many similarities with the songs of Epirus. Many of the polyphonic songs, which have their roots deep in the past, is not only extremely musical sounds, but could be described as small musical wonders. Music lovers from around the world come to these areas to discover this unique musical tradition. In addition, any polyphonic song carries its own unique history, since most refer to historical events or personal stories of families of the area.
However, insufficient until now viewing and enhancement of cultural heritage that has deprived the possibility of this rich musical tradition to highlight the dynamics of. Constraining factors include the weakness of assembly and operation of organized files of this music tradition and the lack of any networking initiative (to exchange and transfer of knowledge of this unique musical singing) among those artists (singers, choirs, instrumentalists) actively engaged in the preservation and revival of sorts. Result of these omissions is so rich this music tradition is in danger. In this light, the specific Act aims to highlight the significant cultural heritage of polyphonic songs and other musical traditions in the areas of intervention. The actions of the Act included the exchange of information and best practices, the creation of a sustainable model of tourist, cultural and commercial development based on the promotion of polyphonic songs and creating databases with full detailed records of all songs with reference to their history.


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