Exchange Know How

Exchange Know How

Technical knowledge exchange and transfer between both the sides of the border, which will contribute in the promotion and exposure of the tourism product, the promotion of the Project to the interested businesses and private entrepreneurs, bodies, Local Administration Divisions and the Media, the exposure of alternative forms of tourism and the support of business activity amongst the participating bodies, can be clearly achieved through the systematic and coordinated actions of the Network of Participating Bodies.

“The Networks of Participating Bodies are comprised by three or more legal entities that function together by contributing resources for one mission, one vision, which in order to achieve they have fully analyzed the desired objectives and purposes”.

Networking Goals

The Networking goals can vary according to its content, as was previously mentioned. It is generally acknowledged that they can be grouped regardless of the Network content. Thus, the goals we end up with are generally the following:

  • Coordination of politics and actions implemented by the various bodies and stakeholders on a local level so as to avoid overlap and duplication of project or service implementation,
  • Communication, understanding and sharing of information amongst members,
  • Better representation and participation of beneficiaries in the decision-making process,
  • Participation and substantial engagement with the planning process for the “higher” management levels (peripheral, national) and influencing on a central level.

Eligible Network members, nevertheless without any particular restrictions existing, include Public bodies – competent bodies on development and occupation subjects, Chambers and professional unions, National authorities through their local representatives, Local, prefecture and peripheral authorities or their representative bodies, Educational institutions, Universities, as well as research & technology institutes which possess the capability to implement research for the development and occupation, or to support the knowledge transfer. It is also possible for Syndicates, Private businesses, as well as Non-governmental and non-profit organizations to participate.

Within this framework, Technical Meetings are organized amongst the Legal Entity members, as well the Network members, aiming to exchange knowledge in subjects regarding the aims and goals of implementing the Project.

As a result, coordinated actions are expected on objectives, goals, types of work, financial commitments and the responsibilities assumed by the members in order to create the products and/or services relating to the Network.

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