Info Centers' Promotion

Info Centers' Promotion

The Cross-Border Visitor Welcoming/Awareness Center has its Main goal to provide reliable and valid information for those potentially benefited from the Project implementation. At the Cross-Border Visitor Welcoming/Awareness Center there will be technical support activities developed for the parties involved with the development of tourism activities in the Intervention Area during its operation: businesses, tourism agents and public bodies. The more special goals of the Cross-Border Visitor Welcoming/Awareness Center are:

  1. to reliably and effectively distribute information relevant to tourism activities and possibilities in the Intervention Area,
  2. to direct interested parties to the proper Bodies for more specialized information, advice or support,
  3. to highlight the necessity for utilizing the tourism advantage of the Intervention Area,
  4. to provide the necessary printed and electronic material to visitors,
  5. to contribute in overcoming the traditional approach to international cooperation by implementing a permanent form of business cooperation,
  6. to support the existing businesses in revising and transforming so as to adjust to the needs and requirements of the modern international tourism market,
  7. to implement a permanent form of business cooperation with an advanced and highly innovative character,
  8. to advance all possible collaborations amongst Greek businesses and the ones in the neighboring country that are active in the tourism sector of the Intervention Areas.

The Awareness and Management Office will be open daily, sufficiently equipped with technological equipment and office equipment, developing technical support and awareness activities so as to achieve the special goals of the Cross-Border Visitor Welcoming/Awareness Center. More particularly, the Cross-Border Visitor Welcoming/Awareness Center will be organized in such a way as to be a live aesthetic exhibit by itself, positively affecting the visitor’s mood by providing direct information regarding the Epirotic music tradition and more specifically, the polyphonic song, aiming to provide the visitor with an experience range that is not just cultural – environmental, but also social and historical.

In parallel, it will be able to perform welcoming functions for researchers, students, officials and businessmen/professionals, while being the main awareness lever regarding the Awareness and Networking Acts being implemented within the Project. Furthermore, in the Cross-Border Visitor Welcoming/Awareness Center, there will be a permanent Exhibit operating (using audiovisual equipment and photographic material) based on the subject of Epirotic Polyphonic Song. In order for the Center to operate more effectively, a Network will be created with the Italian Cross-Border Partners of the Act, as well as all the Development-inclined bodies that are active in the Area, such as Regional Administration, Municipalities, Chambers, Universities, Development Businesses etc.

Support amongst the aforementioned Bodies is also ensured for after the operation of the Programme through the Development of a Cooperation Protocol.



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